Who I am?

We haven't met, but I know you. Sitting on the other side of this screen, I imagine you reviewing my work, reading my thoughts, and wondering who I might be.

I think of this distance as almost a dark room. Each of us glowing in our own right, but everywhere else is darkness. Out in the distance, we see the flickering forms of others, but it almost seems too dark to find our way. With blind faith and a little luck, we run towards the others. We find our way to one another.

With every connection, a small spark ignites. Magnifying the hundreds before. As our light grows, the dark veil is lifted and we see the world. We see our possibilities. And we create.

Allow me to introduce myself. Hi. My name is David Fuller. I am Half Fuller. While optimistic, being Half Fuller is about much more than how I prefer to see through my glass. It also represents duality. Mind, matter. Form, function. Creation, destruction. Creativity, logics. Powerful when alone. Together, they brings new possibilities. Let us connect, and together, we can make new opportunities for ourselves.

What I can do?

My skills started out as a blend of everything between print, branding, web, and packaging. Now, they have evolved and I am a digital kinda guy. If I don't know how it will be built, I won't suggest it. My skill include both design and development.

  • Design tools such as: Photoshop | Illustrator | Indesign
  • Photography and manipulation
  • Mobile first HTML & CSS - plus preprocessors
  • JavaScript and some libraries - Jquery | Greensocks
  • Flash & ActionScript 3
  • Dynamic advertising through DoubleClick
  • Experience working with CMS - Wordpress | Joomla | October
  • Photoshop automation with JavaScript